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Sam Myers

Club Caddy

Who are you?

My name is Sam Myers and I am one of the workforce here at CGC.

Favourite quote?

"When generosity neglects logic, something beautiful happens" - Unknown

How did you first get into golf?

I've been swinging a golf club since the age of 10, but really found a love for the frustrating sport during lockdown, when me my brother and I would play each day in the field at the end of our road.

Where is your favourite course you've ever played?

I've played lots of beautiful courses but I cannot escape the beauty of my OG course, the Bath Golf Club course. You can't quite get over playing the 15th Par 5 that catches the sunset dropping over the Bath valley as you putt to save triple bogey.

What are you enjoying most about CGC?

I'm loving the almost family type of community that CGC has managed to create, from the way the workforce treat each other to the way every member asks me how I'm doing and somehow manages to remember my name - even though I sometimes struggle with names!

What did you do before CGC?

I was and currently still am a training actor.

Sam Myers
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