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Jorge Guirao Badiola

Club Caddy

Who are you?

Hi, my name is Jorge. I’m a student, originally from Spain, studying Physics at King’s College London. I’ve lived surrounded by golf since I was 8 years old but I never learned to play very well, so it's about time I really got into golf! 

Favourite quote?

“Hard work surpasses talent when talent is not working hard enough.” Ben Lehner

How did you first get into golf?

Although I never trained properly and stopped playing when I came to London, I first played golf one summer in Estepona (Málaga), where I used to live when I was younger. My stepfather is part of the Club de Golf Atalaya in Estepona, so I’ve been around golf clubs (especially driving buggies) since I was about 8. My grandfather is also a big fan of golf; he says there are two types of people: normal people and then people who play golf. He’s always encouraged me to play gol​​f, as he plays almost every day. I’m not very competent at the sport, but I hope I can learn my way back into golf now that I am around such great players. 

Where is your favourite course you've ever played?

While I have only been able to do some practice, and not play the full course, I have to be biased here and go for Club de Golf Atalaya’s Old Course. The best thing about this club is its location. The Costa del Sol has remarkably mild weather all year round, and being able to play in 20 degrees on a sunny day in the middle of December is not something every golf club can offer.  

What are you enjoying most about CGC?

Being able to meet the members of the club is something that I really enjoy. Everyone seems to enjoy themselves in the club and I like to join in this mood and make sure that everyone has a good time. Also, being able to practice some shots whenever it’s possible and seeing how much I could improve gives me perspective on how much dedication and hard work the people around me have put into golf. 

What did you do before CGC?

Over the last few years, I’ve been tutoring, mainly in Maths and Physics. I get along well with everyone, especially younger students whose struggles I can relate to. I enjoy helping students feel at ease with some of the subjects that I found most challenging - but certainly most rewarding. 

Jorge Guirao Badiola
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