Alex Vezey

Senior Coach

Who are you?

I'm Alex, Senior Coach at CGC.

Favourite quote?

“Success is never owned, it's rented, and the rent is due everyday.” Rory Vaden. This goes hand in hand with golf.

How did you first get into golf

My grandfather introduced me to golf when I was around 10 years old.

Where is your favourite course you've ever played?

In the UK one of my favourite courses is Hankley Common in Surrey, a great place to play and nicely hidden away. But there is long list of top contenders: Muirfield, Kingsbarns, Sunningdale Old, Swinley Forest, Golf National in Paris and Shinnecock in the USA.

What are you enjoying most about CGC?

Meeting the different members and helping their journey to becoming better golfers.

What did you do before CGC?

Coaching golf in Surrey, coaching everyone from beginners to professional golfers - I have been coaching for 15 years. The highlight so far has been training with the world's leading golf coach, David Leadbetter, and completing his coach training to become one of 96 worldwide Leadbetter coaches. A more recent highlight - the PGA have upgraded my status to PGA Advanced Coach.

Alex Vezey